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Adamsfield Hair Antidote. The Next Generation anti-hairloss solutions.

Our Research

Our research and development team remain on top of the latest discoveries in medical-cosmetic research around the world. With research scientists and lab affiliates bringing experience from Australia, France and the United Kingdom, Adamsfield maintain the competitive advantage by upholding close associations with some of the worlds most advanced scientific research laboratories. We pride ourselves on utilising the highest quality ingredients to deliver a healthier, safer long term approach for visible results.

Mindful of consumer concern, we utilise naturally derived ingredients and extracts where possible. In an effort to reform harmful practices within the cosmetics industry, we ensure our products are free from potentially harmful substances which may be toxic at high levels such as widely used parabens, EDTAs and SLSs. Adamsfield do not test on animals and are proudly BUAV certified

Our Customers

Adamsfield are at the forefront of a new generation of cosmeceuticals, where our customers drive development and demand excellence. As the world evolves into a new technological era, consumers are becoming more discerning when it comes to choosing personal care and Adamsfield are primed to meet their needs.

Having dedicated years of research to developing and refining our technology, Adamsfield meets the demand for a new generation of products which not only perform exceptionally, but promote healthy physical function and social ethical standards. Paying attention to what our customers really want, we pride ourselves on preparing effective formulas comprised of clinically proven, patented ingredients.

Due to technological and educational progression, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the effects artificial substances may have on their bodies. For this reason Adamsfield utilise only the highest quality, clinically developed ingredients which support the bodies natural function whilst delivering effective results. Free from potentially carcinogenic and irritating substances such as parabens, sulfates and EDTAs, Adamsfield specifically sources the safest, highest quality and most innovative ingredients to create a new standard in personal care.

Adamsfield are proud to be BUAV certified as one of the few cosmeceutical brands that do not test on animals. In support of growing ecological concerns over energy expenditure, Adamsfield are one of the newly emerging blue companies which utilise only cold processing in efforts to minimise our carbon footprint.